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Diamond Paint Hobby

Ab Aurora Custom Diamond Painting

Ab Aurora Custom Diamond Painting

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diamond shape

AB custom diamond painting
Your own photo on diamond painting We turn your own photo into a beautiful diamond painting!

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your desired stone and photo size. Note: The size of the photo is important, if it is a square photo, please choose 40x40 instead of 40x60.

Step 2: Upload the photo you would like to include in your diamond chart by clicking the "Upload Photo/Image" button. Here you can then upload photos from your computer or phone.

Step 3: Click "Add to Cart", proceed to checkout, enter your address, pay, and we'll start making the diamond painting photos of your choice!

What should be paid attention to?

If you ordered a square format, please do not send us portrait photos.
Make sure you have a good quality photo, otherwise the paint will blur.
If we receive a photo that is the wrong size, we will need to crop it to fit the board. Parts of the photo may come off.
You will receive our free layout, don't forget to request it! So you can see the result in advance. Personal photos cannot be returned.
Do you have questions? Please contact our customer service. We are at your service 7 days a week and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Ours comes in as many as one hundred AB diamond colors

    what size ?
    Do you want crisp and beautiful results? Then choose the size that says "Most Chosen". Of course, you can also choose a small size, but then choose a diagram of the diamond with no text or little detail. You can read more about the ideal size on our blog.

    For diamond charts with text or lots of detail, we always recommend the "most popular" size!

    I want a size not listed
    We offer you a selection of the most common sizes. Your size is not listed? Contact us and we'll add a size for you!

    Not sure if you should choose a round or square stone? Then we have an advice for you!

    For beginners, we recommend round stones as they are easier to pick up and attach to the canvas. However, the canvas is still partially visible because the stone is not fully connected.

    We recommend square stones for advanced painters, and the results tend to be more beautiful because the stone completely covers the canvas.

    In a way, there is no right or wrong choice. Choose the gem that suits you best!

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